Hoverboard Tips

Riding a hoverboard is really easy once you get the hang of it. That said, it’s always good to start slowly to avoid injury and damage to the hoverboard.

Step 1

Once you’ve kitted yourself out in flexible clothing and flat shoes, turn the scooter on

Step 2

Use one foot to move both pedal switches, triggering the running lights. Make sure the scooter is horizontal and stable by choosing even, open ground.

Step 3

Once the lights are on, step on the pedal with one foot. Then you can step on with the other foot to ride it after the scooter is stable.

Step 4

Get your balance once you’ve stepped onto the scooter. The scooter will stay stationary. Lean forward or backward to control the balance of scooter forward or backward. Be sure not to move your body drastically.
REMEMBER: If the pedal switch is not in the horizontal position after you touch it with your foot, the buzzer will beep, and the running light will glow red meaning the meaning the hoverboard won’t run.

Step 5

Control scooter to turn direction with your left and right foot by pressuring the foot pedal.

Step 6

To stop, step down slow the scooter to stationary, keep it steady, get down with one foot from the scooter backward, then remove the other foot from the footpad.

The more you practice – the better you’ll become!

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