Repair service

Kiwi Hoverboard & Scooter LtdĀ can inspects and repairs your hoverboard and Scooter!

If your Hoverboard or E-Scooter is needing some TLC, then look no further! We can repair and service your Hoverboard or Scooter that you have purchased from us for the prices below.

Haven’t bought your Hoverboard or E-Scooter from us? No worries, we can still service or repair it! Just bring it into our store, or send us some information online and we’ll get right back at ya!

Also, you can get an additional 12-month warranty for just $100!

Hoverboard Rate:

1. Battery replacement including fitting $150
2. Motherboard replacement/repair including fitting $100
3. Motor/Wheel replacement/repair including fitting $100
4. Other accessories/parts are from $20

Ninebot ES2/ES4 Electric scooters:

1. Add on battery – $350
2. Built-in battery replacement including fitting – $350
3. Motherboard replacement/repair including fitting – $150
4. Motor/Wheel replacement/repair including fitting – $150


Want to try before you buy? Then give us a call or rock up to our Penrose showroom for a free demonstration.

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Open Everyday 10am-4pm

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