Extended 1 Year Warranty


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Extended Warranty for Kiwi hoverboard

Worried your Kiwi hoverboard might break down in the future? Fear no more, we have an extended warranty for that!

Most other hoverboard companies will tell you that their hoverboards come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, if you’ve had your ear to the wall, you’ll have heard that the manufacturer’s are all in China.

Nothing like shipping a 30 pound hunk of metal across the ocean, right? So, there goes $100, and that’s just to get it there.

To Our Competitors: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG


We Thought – There has to be a better way!

Your investment into a Kiwi hoverboard already comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty from the factory, just like our competitors. You can read this in the owner’s manual.

However, instead of shipping your hoverboard to China for $100 when it breaks, or learning to fix it yourself (good luck with that), you can ensure that you’ll be riding your it for much longer by choosing one of our extended warranties with repair service and parts available from the USA.

Extended Warranty Details

We offer several varieties of Kiwi hoverboard warranties to protect your investment, and when you purchase one, we’ll cover the cost of parts due to many manufacturer’s defects.

In-Store Repair is Always Free

When something breaks, bring it into one of our retail stores and we will repair it for you at now charge. Just drop it off, we’ll fix it, and pick it up a few days later.


Out of State? Just Pay Shipping

If you’re not near one of our retail stores, you have two options for getting your hoverboard repaired under warranty.

Option 1: Ship it to Us

Send your hoverboard to us and we’ll make the necessary repairs to it for free. Just cover the shipping costs to and from our nearest retail location, and you’ll have your hoverboard back in about 7-14 days on average.

Option 2: We Send You Parts

If you’re handy, well, you can just do the repair yourself. We will send you the parts required to repair your hoverboard, thus avoiding the shipping costs altogether.

Also, if we have an instructional video on how to make the repair, we will send that to you as well.

Voided Warranty

There are a number of things that will void the warranty, so we strongly suggest you read the following because it contains details of what will cause your warranty to void.


Hoverboards that have been abused will not be covered under warranty. Abuse includes, but is not limited to riding at high speeds and dismounting the hoverboard, accelerating at speeds faster than the hoverboard can handle, allowing the hoverboard to roll, dropping of the hoverboard, performing stunts with the hoverboard, riding the hoverboard through water or in wet conditions, and more.

A common sign of abuse is when the chassis / frame is broken in half.

Unauthorized Repair

Only StreetSaw may repair warrantied hoverboards. You must bring your hoverboard to an authorized StreetSaw hoverboard repair facility for repair every time that it needs repair or it will not be covered any further after this. If you attempt to repair a StreetSaw hoverboard by yourself without our prior authorization or instructions, your warranty will be voided. StreetSaw is utilizing special stickers within the hoverboard that indicate to us if the hoverboard has been opened by an unauthorized person. If these stickers are broken or missing, the hoverboard will not be covered under warranty.


Recalibration of your hoverboard should only be performed by a skilled technician. Incorrect recalibration on bluetooth equipped hoverboards has been known to fry the bluetooth chip and the balance sensor gyroscope PCB boards of hoverboards.


Charging your hoverboard for more than the recommended 3 hours is known to burn out the batteries on many hoverboards. This is especially common with hoverboards that use non-UL listed chargers. As of January 2016, all StreetSaw hoverboards must use a UL listed hoverboard charger to charge them. The use of a non-UL listed hoverboard adapter voids your StreetSaw hoverboard warranty. We can tell when this has occurred because the hoverboard flashes a specific pattern of yellow lights that indicates that the hoverboard has been overcharged, and this does not happen to a StreetSaw hoverboard that has been properly changed and maintained.


Shipping each way is paid by the buyer. Local dropoff and pickup is absolutely free.