Easy Maintenance Tips

Hoverboard Maintenance Tips

Hoverboards are designed for durability – but that doesn’t make them unbreakable. It’s important to take care of your board to ensure longevity.

When you buy from Kiwi Hoverboard, you never have to worry about running out of energy with the long-lasting battery included in the purchase. We provide a warranty service which covers everything apart from water and physical damage. This warranty includes:

  • One year for the main hoverboard
  • Six months for battery.
  • One month for inner and outer tires.

Also, you can get an additional 12-month warranty for just $100!

We can inspect and repair your hoverboard, simply give us a call or email us about your faulty hoverboard.

Battery replacement $150
Motherboard replacement $150
Motor replacement $100
Frame replacement $100
Charger replacement $49

Hoverboard maintenance
Tune the balance In the off state the pedal will adjust to level. Press the key for 5 seconds. The hoverboard should ‘beep’. After 5 seconds, the lights will flash,wait for 30 seconds and then shutdown so you can restart
Unable to charge Check the outlet has power

Check if the normal charger indicator lights work and the charger cable is good

Unable to start Check if the battery has power
Use Tape to Avoid Scratches
Especially when you’re first starting out, the front, back, and top of the hoverboard may get a few scratches and scuffs from over-leaning and falling. Use duct tape to cover the most susceptible areas to avoid long-term damage.
Don’t Jump
A hoverboard isn’t a skateboard. Don’t try to do a kickflip or even an ollie or else you may damage one of the sensors.
Storage Notes
When you’re storing your hoverboard away, it’s important you remember a couple of things:

  • Make sure the hoverboard is fully charged to prevent excessive discharge if it’s out of action for too long
  • If you’re storing it away for more than one month, remove the battery
  • You can mask the scooter to prevent micro dust getting into the device and screwing it up
  • Store it in a dry, indoor space.
Routine Cleaning
If you want your hoverboard to last ages, doing a bit of cleaning every now and again can do wonders.

  • Make sure that the balance and charging cable is disconnected
  • Turn the power off
  • Wipe the case with a soft cloth to do a quick, unintrusive clean
What To Do If It’s Broken
Even after the warranty expires, Kiwi Hoverboard can provide a repairs service should your hoverboard ever need it. If it’s within the warranty period and the problem isn’t physical, we’ll give you a full refund or replace the unit with a new one.Our warranty service includes:

  • One-year warranty for the main vehicle, except the battery, tires, and the plastic casing.
  • Six-month warranty for the battery.
  • One-month warranty for inner and outer tires.

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