The safety of Hoverboard and Electirc Scooter

Our products are designed for safety with certificates including CE, RoHS, FCC and more. These aren’t the cheapo knockoffs ready to explode at any second – there’s no risk involved when buying our hoverboards.


    The warranty period is 12 months and commences on the original date of purchase.
    The following product categories and services are not warranted:

    • The warranty is void if it shows visible signs of physical damage. Such as crack, substantial scratches, and dents or out of form. Even the problem is not directly caused by physical damage. Please understand each time of the physical damage could reduce the life of the parts and potentially damage the motherboardjust like other electrical products but we can still repair it by customers’ cost.
    • Defects caused by normal wear and tear
    • Breaks, scratches, dents or other cosmetic damage caused by the user
    • Water damage to electronics
    • Use of the device other than for its normal intended use, including without limitation, failure to use the device in accordance with the user manual.
    • Modification of the the device
    • Damages resulting from improper transportation or packaging of the device when returning to us.